Every part of the world takes a different approach to dealing with violations of law. Dictatorships are notorious for dealing extremely with law violators. So are third-world countries. We pride ourselves in the United States on being more enlightened than those parts of the world. But it matters in just what part of the United States you are talking about.

Oklahoma likes to put people behind bars. The State of Oklahoma believes this is the best way to deal with violations of law. Last year, almost one percent (1%) of all the adult citizens in Oklahoma (18 years and above) were in prison, according to the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Research Center in its report last year. Currently the rate of incarceration in Oklahoma is 45% higher than in the United States as a whole.

Statistically, Oklahoma was the Number One jailer of women again last year, a distinction we have carried for several years.

Does this make Oklahoma a better place to live? Apparently not, since we continue to send more people away for crime. Theoretically, if we send more people away for crime, that must mean we continue to have more crime. So, if we continue to have more crime, our sending more people away must not be working to prevent crime.

What difference does this make? Ideally, it would mean that after a while the numbers would go down, that the high rate of incarceration would discourage future crime (or at least lock up everyone capable of committing any crime). That is the ideal. But there is no indication that this is taking place. Maybe we will see a difference in another hundred years, but the statistics of the last few decades show nothing of the kind.

What difference does this make? The only certain thing about this is that in Oklahoma you are statistically more likely to be imprisoned for any law violation. You are 45% more likely in Oklahoma to be imprisoned than in the rest of the United States.

Again, this brings home a point I often make, which is, how very crucial it is to get expert representation if you’re accused or charged with a crime. In order to make the best decision about that, there are a number of things you need to know about. And I invite you to go visit my web site at to discover that critical information, which could save you from mistakes that could affect you the rest of your life.


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