Latest Incarceration Statistics

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics inmate population in the United States has been increasing in real numbers and statistically. Nationally, 2.1 million people were in custody in federal, state, and local jails of the United States in 2005. According to the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Research Center, it has increased more for Oklahoma. The current incarceration rate per adult population is 45% higher in Oklahoma than for the United States.

One of every twelve adults in Oklahoma have been either in prison or on probation for a felony. At the end of August, 2006, 1 % of every adult in Oklahoma (aged 18 and older) was in prison.

In the ten years from 1995 to 2005, state prisoner population in all the states increased at the rate of 14%, from 379 per 100, 000 population to 433 per 100,000. However, Oklahoma bettered that rate of increase with a figure of 22% increase in that period, from 536 prisoners per 100,000 population to 655 per 100,000 by the year 2005. For the last twenty years Oklahoma has ranked every year among the top four states statistically in the rate of incarceration.

And, once again, as it has done historically, Oklahoma led all other states statistically in the incarceration of women in 2006.

I’m afraid this bad news for people accused of crimes in Oklahoma means that it continues to be critical in this state to seek out the best criminal defense lawyer. Thinking that all lawyers are the same and choosing a lawyer based on the lowest price can truly be a costly decision. Every part of your life (your freedom, your family, your employment) is affected by a conviction of a crrime. If you needed a brain surgeon you probably wouldn’t choose one based on who charged the least, and likewise, you don’t want to entrust the defense of a criminal case to the “cheapest” attorney, that is, if you care about your future and how it affects those around you.

The good news is that you can prepare yourself by discovering what you need to know to make the best decisions. Anyone facing a criminal charge in Oklahoma can go to my website at to find out how to choose a lawyer. You should also request a “Protect Your Freedom” kit which gives you critical information for this stressful situation. The kit is free to anyone charged with a crime in Oklahoma or to family members of someone charged in Oklahoma.

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